The Secrets of a Custom Closet Design

Are you thinking about upgrading your closet? You’ll want to consider a custom closet design. Keep reading to find out the secrets no one tells you about custom closet design systems.

First, you get more room in a laminate closet than in a wood closet. This is because a wood closet has two support sections whereas laminate closets only have one support section.

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The supports take up space, so the less you have, the more space you have.

Second, deep shelving is important. A lot of people use 12-inch depth shelving but the problem is that sweaters or large shoes will hang off the edge. This makes for a cluttered-looking space and also means you may have to iron clothes before wearing them.

Third, there are many color options. In laminate systems, there are 26 different colors. Solid colors are 5% more than the standard white, and textures run 10-15% more than the standard white.

Lastly, corners don’t have to be wasted space. In corners, you can install corner shelves to fill space and these can be adjustable.

To learn more, watch the video above!


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