Understand the Difference Between a Real Estate Broker and a Realtor

When searching for a house, people are juggling a lot of options and numbers. But how often do they consider the qualifications of their real estate agent? There’s actually a difference between the different terms people use for real estate professionals, and a person’s official title can indicate their connections and education where they may not.

A real estate agent is anyone who has acquired a real estate license. In no states are you allowed to practice officially without a sales license. People can boost their credentials by studying and working for at least 2 more years and becoming re-certified as a real estate broker. This is a natural path of progression for a lot of people, as brokers are considered to be a higher tier of professional, and would likely have more opportunities and connections.

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If people prioritize moving laterally they can become a member of the National Association of Realtors. This is a membership group with chapters all around the country. The two requirements are a real estate license and a membership fee, and in return, they’ll get access to special benefits. Firstly, they have a nationwide network of connections, able to move around and work with other Realtors. Secondly, they can utilize a national database of property sales and information, greatly expanding their knowledge base. This is often a benefit to their customers, being able to see the property history of the areas they might be interested in moving to.


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