How Long Do Furnace Installations Take?

Are you planning to invest in a furnace but don’t know how long the installation will take? If so, here are some things you need to expect during the furnace installation and the possible time it will be done.

How long are furnace installations?

Depending on the complexity, most homeowners should expect that most furnace installations done by professionals take around 4 to 8 hours to complete. In some rare instances, installation can be relatively longer than expected due to various factors.

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Furnace Installations 101:

• During furnace installations, the in-home estimate is the first part of determining the amount of time needed for the furnace to be installed and completed. It is also the best step in how your furnace should be.

• Installation time greatly varies on the type of furnace your home needs. Gas furnaces also require a few steps compared to electrical furnaces and may require more time.

• During the pre-installation, the professional will assess the entire area of your home, prepare the ara with drop cloths, assess how to remove your current system, and clean up the whole area before the installation even begins.

• During the installation process, setting the furnace up, cutting a hole in the side to accept the filter, and returning the airdrop takes time. It will also need to align the furnace with your existing plenum. There are also ductwork modifications needed for new furnace installation and leveling of the furnace.


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