How to Keep Your Vinyl Fencing Clean

If you have vinyl fencing on your property, you know how easily it gets dirty. Luckily, professional fence companies also offer cleaning services. Keep reading to learn how professional fence companies keep your vinyl fencing clean.

Video Source

The first thing a professional fence cleaner will do is run a cleaning solution through the tube connected to their truck to spray down the fence. Once they do this, you will see the dirt and grime on the vinyl fencing start to turn brown and disappear.

The first solution works really well but your fence needs more than that. So now, the cleaner will put an even stronger mix into their pump-up sprayer and go over the original solution the fencing.

Finally, it is time for the pressure washer. Once both cleaning solutions have enough time sitting on your vinyl fencing, the fence cleaner will take a pressure washer and wash off the solutions, taking with it all the dirt and grime that was on your fence.

To learn more about how vinyl fencing is cleaned or to see the process step by step, watch the video above!


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