The Best Outdoor Firepits for Your Backyard

This video features a number of options for someone looking for outdoor fire pits and the narrator highlights a collection of the top five according to popularity. The fire pits are from different companies, each displaying traditional and modern designs – those that are heavy and may not need to move around a lot and those that are portable.

The fire pits are analyzed one at a time and this brings to light their components, accessories such as pokers and spark screens, and their different sizes.

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We find out about the materials -such as wood and steel- that are used to build each of the fire pits and their benefits, as well as which firewood each fire pit uses. It also includes how one can use the different sizes of the fire pits to suit gardens and rooms, as well as which are best for big or small crowds.

There are tips shared on how to store the fire pits, to ensure that a buyer protects them from rust as they age. You are able to find out more about any of the fire pits by clicking on the links that are provided in the comments section of the video.

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