Why Should You Draft Your Will Sooner Rather Than Later?

In the YouTube video below, you will learn about the process of writing wills.

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However, why is it important to draft your will sooner rather than later? First of all, as difficult as it is think about your passing and leaving family and friends behind, it is a necessary step to take to ensure all of your loved ones are protected and safe. If you have certain belongings that should be going to certain people, like a necklace for a granddaughter or earrings for a niece, then it’s important to write it all out ahead of time.

It’s also important to designate who will be getting all of your assets when you pass. Who will own your home? Who will take over your estate? Without this information, the state you live in may designate someone for you, and you probably don’t want it to go to someone you don’t trust.

Writing a will will also prevent familial disputes as well as make the grieving process a touch easier. You don’t want family members fighting over your belongings, and this will happen, too, if everyone is absolutely distraught and upset. Designating who gets what ahead of time will save some heartache and anger.

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