How to Repair Your Small Car Dents

A small dent repair is something that all vehicles need eventually. If you regularly park in large and busy parking lots and drive about every day, small dents are guaranteed to happen. As the accompanying video shows, it is possible to do small dent repair yourself.

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That could help you to save a lot of money over the cost of paying an auto body repair shop to do the work.

Small dent repair happens in two ways. You either pull the dent out from the outside or you push it out from the inside. Pulling it out from the outside is the easiest way to do it when it is a viable option. Many affordable tools and kits could help you to do that. A dent puller that uses hot glue to attach a circular device to the dent and then slowly pull it out is a good example of doing small dent repair from the outside.

If you opt to fix it from the inside, you might have to remove an interior panel or other objects to get to the dent. A body hammer could tap out the dent while a dolly and cloth could keep the repair smooth.

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