What Benefits Do Swimming Pools Offer?

Swimming pools are a great way to have fun and spend time with friends and family, but did you know swimming pools offer many health benefits? Keep reading to learn about the health benefits of swimming pools.

According to the CDC, just two and a half hours of swimming each week decreases your risk of chronic illness. This means you can keep your risk of disease low just by swimming for a few hours each week.

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Swimming pools are used in arthritis treatment and recovery. Aquatic exercise from swimming treats arthritis, reduces pain, and improves mobility, balance, and function.

Another benefit of swimming pools are relief from mental disorders and disease. Swimming in swimming pools has been shown to relieve stress and symptoms of depression.

Swimming pools offer many benefits to senior citizens. Swimming pools allow senior citizens to exercise the entire body without over-exerting the muscles and joints. This is because it is much easier to move in water than out of water. This also avoids straining the heart and also builds bone density.

To learn about more benefits of swimming pools for children, adults, and senior citizens, watch the video above!


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