How to Create a Natural Looking Manicure

The way you care for and wear your nails, whether bold or natural, matte or shining, says a lot about your personal hygiene. The YouTube video, “How To: Natural Nail Manicure” shows the easy steps to take care of your nails with ease.

First thing is to soak your hands for about 3-4 minutes in a small dish of warm water. Warm water softens cuticles and hydrates parched skin.

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Gently press cuticles toward the nail’s base with an angled cuticle stick. Shape your nails and smooth out the corners with a nail file. Using a back-and-forth motion, softly buff the tops of your nails. This helps to reduce ridges and gives nails a great sheen without the need for polish.

Put the tapes at exactly where the length of the nails begins after you’ve shaped and prepared your nails for the polish. Apply the tapes to each nail before painting them white or beige. Remove the tapes, let the polish dry for a few minutes, then apply a top coat to each one, and you’re done. This is quite a simple approach to achieving a natural-looking manicure while maintaining a nice appearance.


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