How to Find the Best Golf Cart

If you’re thinking of buying a golf cart, this video will highlight tips on how to find the best one.

Various Brands:
Club Car and E-Z-GO are highly recommended as they are reliable and retain their value. Authorized repair centers are also widely available for both.

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Spare parts for Yamaha and Ruff and Tuff are not easily found.
Star EV loses value faster and few authorized dealers carry out costly repairs.

Comparisons between the Club Car Golf Cart and E-Z Go Golf Cart
1. Frame – aluminum frame (Club Car) is better for coastal areas. E-Z Go uses steel frames, which is better for bumpy roads.
2. Suspension – Club car has independent suspension. E-Z Go’s solid axle bushing lasts much longer.
3. Throttle – E-Z Go has a solid inductive throttle system that lasts much longer.
4. Charging system – E-Z Go uses digital chargers. Club Cars have an OBC and analog chargers (better).
5. Brakes – E-Z Go has a flawless drum brake.
6. The electric system – E-Z Go has fewer wires than Club Cars and is easier to fix.

Both these are durable, so go for the one that is suitable and cost-effective.

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