Why You Should Consider Window Drapes

Styling the appearance of window drapery in a room is always challenging and intimidating. This video helps one get over that hump and pick out the perfect window drapes for their living room.
Curtains are versatile, and if one uses darker colors or sheer fabrics in the front part of their home and lighter colors or thicker fabrics in the back, it will help create an illusion of depth and make the space feel larger than it is and is long enough to reach the floor.

Video Source

It teaches:

• The difference between window drapes_ and curtains
• The style to look for to match the tone of one’s room
• How many layers of drapes one should put up based on the size of their windows
• How to find the correct length for the drapes

After watching this tutorial, the viewers would confidently dress up any room with window drapery.

One can use these tips in any room with windows, including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or office. All one need is access to curtains or blinds and some essential sewing tools, and the video will walk you through everything else.

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