Assisted Living or a Nursing Home? Choosing the Right Option for Your Loved One

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can have slightly different services. Assisted living facilities can help senior citizens live relatively independent lives. These facilities also get some help with specific daily tasks. Patients at assisted living centers can still receive emergency help at all times.

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There are also a lot of recreational and social activities at these organizations. The social environments of assisted living facilities can make them great choices for many patients. People at these facilities can usually walk with or without mobility aids, but they won’t necessarily need help from staff members at these times.

If the residents at assisted living areas have cognitive issues at all, they’re usually mild. Homeownership comes with lots of responsibilities, and assisted care facilities can provide a different sort of living environment for people who are used to relying completely on themselves at home.

A nursing home is typically for patients who are unable to live on their own, and who need much more consistent levels of care. Patients at nursing homes might interact with each other at times, but not as often as they would at assisted care centers. Nursing homes are similar to hospitals in many ways. Assisted living and nursing homes have key differences that are necessary to know before choosing a facility.

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