Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

Fires are a huge threat to homeowners and can cause thousands of dollars in damages. But, there are some ways you can avoid common fire starters. Keep reading to learn some fire safety tips to keep you safe at home.
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First, never leave a lit candle unattended. You should also make sure the candle is away from any material that may catch fire.

Second, when cooking never leave a pan unattended, especially one with oil. You can clean pans regularly to avoid grease or fat from catching fire.

Third, turn off your oven when you finish cooking. You should also make sure there are no hazards like potholders on hot surfaces that can catch fire.

Fourth, never overload sockets or extension cords. Also, don’t run under extension cords under carpets or rugs or they will overheat, potentially starting a fire.

Lastly, check electrical appliances regularly. When checking your appliance, you should look to make sure cables are not split or broken and there are no signs of damage.

To learn more fire safety tips to keep you and your family safe at home, watch the video above!


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