Why a Chimney Inspection is Vital

The Chimney Safety Institute of America produced a YouTube video called “Why Chimney Inspections Are Important”. In the video, they discuss the reasons why you should have your chimney inspected and cleaned. The weather can damage your chimney and cause the bricks to swell with water and erode the stone.

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This can cause mold and vegetation to grow and is not good for your health or to breathe in.

Some chimneys are made of wood and water rots the wood and they have metal parts that rust out and break. Having your chimney repaired when it is connected to a heating unit will keep your home safe and the furnace in working order. A visual inspection of your chimney may determine it does not even need to be cleaned.
When you want to sell your home or make a major renovation, an inspection will include checking about seventy-six different items and takes some time. Sometimes a digital camera is used to look inside, and this is called a Level 2 inspection.

When your chimney has severe damage from an earthquake or storm, a Level 3 inspection will be conducted. The best time of year for a chimney inspection is April to early September. To find a qualified inspector, visit The Chimney Safety Institute of America and look up inspectors in your area for your next chimney inspection.

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