What to Gift for Retirement

Retirement may mark the end of one chapter, but it also brings with it the start of a new adventure. To help usher in this new beginning, a retirement gift will be an ideal tribute to mark your parent’s accomplishments while preparing them for the road ahead. Here are a few options worth considering helping you out with any dilemma you may have of what to gift for retirement.

A Games Set

Retirement can often bring with it a quiet life, a factor that can mean boredom and loneliness. To avoid this happening to your parents, consider adding a game set to your retirement gift list. Include games that your parents love, such as word games or puzzles that interest them, such as picture puzzles. Make it a point to introduce new elements to their game sets gifts such as games that they have not previously played to ensure that they always have something exciting to look forward to. Some games to consider purchasing include Scrabble, Monopoly, and Dominos.

Edible Gift Boxes

Whether your parents love indulging in pricey treats or prefer to keep their palates tuned to healthy eating, an edible gift box is another ideal retirement gift. For this idea, consider choosing a company that offers a variety of food baskets to help you customize a box that highlights various taste preferences. Keep in mind parents with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and dairy limitations. Some examples of gift boxes to consider include chocolate packages, biscuits, cheese, and retirement cake boxes. If your parents also love indulging in treats such as wine, now is the time to get in touch with their favorite company to order a selection of flavors. Such treats will especially come in handy over the weekend as they take some time off to let their maid service companies help them with their cleaning chores.


Clothing gifts also make it to our list of what to gift for retirement options as they give ample room for customization, from expensive robes to simple everyday wear, such as pattern socks. Depending on your parents’ taste, you can also go out and purchase clothing for occasions such as holiday wear, inclusive of beach hats, dresses, shorts, and shirts. Make it a point to introduce fun elements where you can, such as funny retirement phrases on socks and shirts for a light-hearted moment.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite also makes for a good retirement gift suited for book lovers. The device is lightweight and thin makes it easy to carry around, allowing users to take it with them to any destination. It also comes with a glare-free display, ensuring that your parents’ eyes are protected during their reading time. In addition to this, the Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, providing an appropriate safeguard for users to peruse over it during their time at the pool or the beach without fear of damaging it. Its access to Audible also means users can listen to books of their choice when on the move, allowing your parents to catch up with their favorite stories without sacrificing any urgent home duties.

A Retirement Party

You can also decide to go big and plan a celebratory dinner party to mark your parents’ retirement. For this, consider inviting friends, family, and colleagues that your parents have worked with over the years. Plan several activities for the party, such as surprise performances of their favorite band or musician, followed by appreciation speeches to celebrate their work. You can also incorporate video footages of memories that your parents have been a part of, with a selection of past family and workplace events. If, however, your parents prefer a quiet send-off, a party at your favorite Italian restaurant will work just fine, allowing them to get the best of a laid-back and intimate family affair.

A Craft Book

Crafting may have been considered child’s play. Still, with research detailing the enormous relaxation benefits it provides, this activity also makes it to our list of what to gift for retirement options. For the best picks, choose a craft book that will allow your parents to jot down memorable experiences from past and future events, draw inspiring art and organize photos collected over the years.

Art Supply Set

An art supply set is another perfect gift that will allow your parents to dive into any painting interest that may not have been possible due to fixed work schedules. Art supplies often comprise a number of canvases, paintbrushes, and a variety of paints needed to help both beginners and experts expand and explore their imagination, making it a suitable option to keep your parents occupied with the massive time on their hands. Sets with acrylic paints are some options to consider getting as these generally offer quality finished products. Art sets can also help build skills that may fetch extra income while eliminating any travel hassles that come with to and fro work commutes.

Travel Gifts

After your parents leave their 9-5, their retirement years will come with the benefit of ample free time, a factor that works well for both experienced travelers and those eager to explore new places. With this in mind, travel gifts comprise the perfect gift retirement options. Examples of these include:

Scratch-Off Maps

Maps act as inspiration for turning adventures into reality, with scratch-off designs being the perfect start for pushing your parents to explore countries they have always wanted to visit. If, however, they prefer keeping it local, a variety of scratch-off maps suited to your country specifications will also come in handy in helping them explore local destinations.


An RV is another travel gift to consider giving your parents on their retirement. A used RV will, for instance, work well for taking road trips around the country, helping them travel to domestic locations such as national parks and historic spots with ease.

Travel Journals

Travel journals act as another retirement gift idea that will help travelers write down some note-worthy experiences of areas visited. Journals can also hold samples of photos, postcards, and tickets of regions that your parents visit, ensuring they have pieces of their favorite destinations close by for memory recollection. If your parents are also drawing enthusiasts, travel journals will come in handy in helping them sketch the environs of places that they travel to.

A Cruise Trip

A cruise trip is another guarantee of an unforgettable retirement experience that your parents will enjoy. This makes for an ideal getaway to help your parents relax and take time to see destinations from a new experience. Cruises are known to provide authentic experiences for travelers, with most offering local cuisines to highlight various areas of their journey and others providing customized services such as onboard massages, swimming in the open water, and wine tasting in local port destinations.

A Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers also goes a long way in providing a sentimental gift for retiree parents, with a selection of their favorite mixtures creating the ideal gift. For starters, on your bouquet, work with selections such as roses, tulips, carnations, and lilies. Make it a point to choose flowers with colors and smells that highlight your parent’s characters for their special occasion.

Uber Gift Card

An Uber gift card is another valuable gift to add to your retirement gift option. It will especially prove useful for parents interested in taking a back seat from active driving, helping them get to their destination at a moment’s notice without any struggle. This can also work well for retirees interested in finding a job for part-time work or those in need of getting about their everyday errands. An Uber gift card can also be used to make Uber Eats orders, making it a convenient option for getting stay-at-home dinner orders.


Jewelry also makes it to our selection of what to gift for retirement ideas, coming in handy in helping your parents still look as presentable during their everyday chores. A few options to consider getting your parents to include bangles, earrings, and necklaces for retiree moms, while cuffs make for the perfect fit for retiree dads. Bracelet charms also work well as additional pieces in your parents’ collection, allowing you to highlight various stages of their careers. If your parents also host parties frequently, you can also gift them statement pieces from your jeweler, such as colorful pendants and chains.

Wall Art

Wall arts are other thoughtful pieces to include in your what to gift for retirement list. These can be images of various work projects that your parents hold close to their heart or memorable photos from work colleagues. You can also choose unique phrases to remind your parents of their importance in your life and others around them.

Engraved Utensils

Engraved utensils such as wine glasses or serving trays can include retirement time stamps to mark your parent’s special occasion or services performed over the years, acting as a reminder to the end of a well-lived career. Depending on your parents’ preference, the engraved utensils can be items used for annual occasions, such a silverware spoons or cups used for everyday purposes.

A Camera

While working in closed office spaces means limited outdoor adventures, retirement comes with the opportunity to explore the outdoors. With these in mind, your parents will want to capture every moment of their time in the open. This means having a camera close by, making it another what to gift for retirement item to have. Cameras come with the ability to get shots that even the best of phones lack in, allowing retirees to keep track of their most memorable moments. In addition to photos, cameras will also allow your parents to capture moments during family get-togethers. Parents with interest in photography can also use these cameras to hone their skills, acting as a hobby during their retirement life while giving them room to earn some money from their skills.

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are other ideas to consider if you are stuck on figuring out what to gift for retirement for your parents. Tools such as gardening gloves, prunes, and shears are some items to consider getting. With these, your parents can reduce their commute to grocery stores as they turn to their garden for fresh supplies. A gardening manual or plumber guide will also be a good gift to consider getting, acting as a needed incentive to help your parents get started on tasks that may be out of their area of expertise.

A Watch

Watches also serve as other essential items to have on any what to gift for retirement list. This can come in the form of family pieces that have been passed down from generation to modern pieces with sleek designs and functions. For starters, consider reaching out to any family members to help you track any lost sentimental pieces. This may mean going through family storage items to retrieve forgotten timeless watches. An alternative to this would also be purchasing watches in a pawn shop near you with historical backgrounds and meaning to your parents’ interest, such as the region of manufacturing or pieces that influential people have worn throughout their life.

For modern watches, gifts with stainless steel cases are some examples to consider purchasing that also come with tracking functions in areas such as heart rate measurements, sleep, and workout levels. These will come in handy for parents interested in keeping fit, allowing them to keep up with their desired performance levels during their everyday life.

To-Do Posters

With the extra time that your parents will have, a to-do poster is another item to include in your what to gift for retirement guide. These can be customized scratch-off posters that you can design yourself based on your parent’s interests or surprise to-do activities that your parents can take part in. Make it a point to get both personal activities suited to your parents with a mix of family-based activities that the whole family can join in for their retirement escapades.

Retirement can often be looked upon as the start of a dull life while, in fact, it is one way to explore the outdoors and dive into activities previously thought impossible. From traveling to indulging in a relaxing read, a retirement gift will set the tone of how your parents usher in their new life. Consider using the above guide to help you out when making plans for what to gift for retirement for your parents’ needs.

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