A 5 Year Old Patient Receiving An Eye Exam

For many families, taking your child for an eye exam can be a daunting task. Going anywhere new with your child can be quite scary, but knowing what to expect can make it that much easier. In this video, we see a 5-year-old getting his first eye exam.

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You may think that 5 is a little too young for an eye exam, but catching any issues with eyesight early can help to stop any eye problems down the line. Most eye doctors know how to speak with a child when they’re getting an eye exam. Using a calm voice can help to keep your child at ease while getting their eyes looked at. If your child has 20/20 vision, the eye exam can be quite simple. If your child can read all the letters on a piece of paper a certain distance away, your child will typically have 20/20 vision. This is a huge sigh of relief for many parents. Depending on how bad the vision of your child is, glasses can really get up there in price. Don’t worry though, there are many establishments that can provide your child with the right glasses all while helping you save a couple of dollars.

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