Why a Nursing Home Could Be the Right Fit

According to the National Institutes of Health, 1.5 million senior citizens live in nursing homes. Should you be one more? SeniorLiving.org looks at why a nursing home service might be right for you. Nursing homes are best for adults of any age that can no longer take care of themselves. Video Source This can be … [Read more…]

How to Repair Your Small Car Dents

A small dent repair is something that all vehicles need eventually. If you regularly park in large and busy parking lots and drive about every day, small dents are guaranteed to happen. As the accompanying video shows, it is possible to do small dent repair yourself. Video Source That could help you to save a … [Read more…]

Why Divorce Mediation Might Work for You

Only about 5% of divorce cases ever go to trial. In some states, like Oklahoma, both sides in a divorce case must attend a domestic mediation. LaCourse Law looks at how having your divorce mediated might work better for you than a trial. Trials last a long time and are expensive. Video Source Mediation can … [Read more…]

Why You Might Choose a Private School Education

This video discusses the benefits of choosing a private school for young children. There is objective information provided on deciding between public school or private school education. The video covers the advantages of private school education, including enhanced opportunities, smaller class sizes, a safer environment, and parental participation. There is also information on what parents … [Read more…]

What Can a Mediator do For You?

In this YouTube video, Resolution Washington looks at what a skilled registered domestic mediator can do for your legal case. Using mediation, working through legal matters is often cheaper and faster than pushing a legal issue to trial. A mediator helps people come together to talk, listen, and strategize problems they experience together to help … [Read more…]

Should You Choose Christian Education?

If you are Christian parents, then you are probably worried about your local public school system. Real Life Christian Academy lists the advantages of Christian education. Teachers in Christian schools are not in any teachers’ unions. This means they can never go on strike. Video Source Your child will not lose out on valuable schooling … [Read more…]

The Choices for Home Care

Finding the best home care for your loved one is important to securing a safe and happy life for their future. A home health aide may be the best choice for you. Find out what home health care can do for a senior in your family. Video Source In 2016, the CDC found that about … [Read more…]

What is the Difference Between a King and a California King Mattress

Shopping for mattresses can be confusing. If you want a king sized mattress, you may be surprised that there are four different sizes of king sized mattresses. Boulevard Home clears up the differences between a king, split king, split California king and California king mattresses. The conventional king sized mattress is called the eastern king. … [Read more…]