Piping Buyers Guide 2022

You may be thinking of building a new room in your house. Maybe you are considering remodeling the bathroom. If this is the case, you may need to do some plumbing. This may send a shiver down the spine of some people. There are so many different kinds of piping to deal with.

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However, you can be confident with this piping buying guide. Once you know what piping you want, contact your local plumbers or consider installing it yourself.

PEX piping is a new, long-lasting piping option. It can theoretically last as long as copper piping. However, this is only theoretical because it is a newer option and has not had a chance to prove itself yet. Even so, this uncertainty may be worth it. This durability also comes at a low price. This is because the installation of PEX piping is relatively easy. The piping can simply be bended into the correct position and snapped into the fittings.

Even with the benefits of PEX piping, some people still prefer the trusted copper pipes that have been working for generations. It truly is generations too. They can last up to 100 years. The only issue is that they are more complicated to install and will likely cost you more.


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