Little-Known Facts About Compost

Compost is a soil amendment that combines decaying organic matter and other materials, such as soil. Compost is a great way to recycle a person’s food waste, and it feels good to know that one is doing something good for the environment. But do people know that composting can save money? Watch the video below to learn more.

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Here are some little-known facts about compost:

  • Compost is free! And it’s so easy to make with food scraps. A person doesn’t even need a fancy bin or tools—just some basic materials and a bit of time, and one will have enough compost to fertilize their garden for years.
  • Composting makes gardening easier! Most people don’t know that plants like eating bio-degradable materials. They prefer soil made from compost over soil made from non-composted materials. If a person wants the best for their plants, they should consider adding some compost to their diet! Plants will grow big, strong, and have healthy leaves and flowers.
  • Composting helps save money on fertilizer! People don’t have to spend all of their cash on expensive chemicals anymore when there’s an alternative: making compost! It’s easy (and free!), so get started today. Call home for more details!


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