How to Pick the Right Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Vinyl siding is a common choice for homeowners. It’s affordable, easy to install and maintain, and comes in various colors and styles. If one is considering using vinyl siding for their home, watch the video below for more insight about vinyl siding options. Here are two factors to consider when picking the right type for your project:

Material Types

Does a person want vinyl made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride)? Or perhaps they’d prefer polyethylene polymers? There are advantages and disadvantages to each material type, so it’s essential to understand what they are before making your final decision. The main benefit of PVC is its durability.

Video Source

At the same time, polyethylene polymers are more flexible and easier to install; they can be more susceptible to damage from weathering over time.

Installation Options

The available installation option will also determine which kind of vinyl siding suits your needs. There are three main types: self-adhesive (SA), pressure-sensitive (PS), or mechanically attached (MA). SA types require no special tools or equipment, while MA types require special tools such as an air gun or caulking gun to work correctly during installation; PS types fall somewhere between these two extremes. Contact home for more details!


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