Why Should I Get a Generator?

Many homeowners are choosing to get a generator installed for their homes because of the increasing number of power outages. There are many reasons why you should get a generator, but keep reading to learn the most important problems that are solved by generators.

The electrical grid was built half a century ago. It was designed for a 40-year life expectancy and is now a decade or two beyond that expectancy.

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Demand for electricity has increased 400% faster than transmission capacity, so power outages increased by 124%. As the population grows and expands our energy-hungry technology, power demand will continue to outpace the grid capacity.

This is why many homeowners are choosing to install generators. The generator protects your home from power outages every second of every day all year long. It stands guard ready to automatically supply power to your home within a second of an outage whether you are home or away.

Since most generators run on natural gas, you also don’t have to worry about waiting in a line at the gas station during an emergency.

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