Heres a Simple Guide to Using Self Service Laundromats

In this video, a man is showing us that even though he’s inexperienced he can do self service laundry at the laundromat.

The man is teaching how to do a self service laundromat. He explains the different types of washers and shows where to put the clothes. After loading, he selects the cycle temperature, adds detergent and softener, inserts quarters, and starts the wash. For drying, he finds a dryer with no clothes and adds a dryer sheet.

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He closes the door and inserts 25 cents for 17 minutes. After finishing, he folds the clothes and is ready to go. The man’s tutorial is helpful for those who may not be familiar with self service laundromats and need guidance on how to use the machines. The process of doing self service laundromat involves sorting the laundry, loading the washer with the clothes, adding detergent and softener, selecting the wash cycle and temperature, inserting coins, and starting the wash. After the wash cycle, the clothes are transferred to the dryer with the addition of a dryer sheet, followed by the insertion of coins and starting the drying cycle. Once the drying cycle is complete, the clothes are folded and taken home or used on the available folding tables. It is important to follow the instructions on the machines before you start self service laundromats, not to overload them, and keep an eye on the laundry.

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