Why a Nursing Home Could Be the Right Fit

According to the National Institutes of Health, 1.5 million senior citizens live in nursing homes. Should you be one more? SeniorLiving.org looks at why a nursing home service might be right for you.

Nursing homes are best for adults of any age that can no longer take care of themselves.

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This can be due to physical problems like not being able to walk, or mental problems such as dementia. If you need someone to take care of you 24/7, consider a nursing home. They have nursing staff on call 24/7. Many nursing homes also have doctors on staff.

Another benefit of a nursing home is that residents are encouraged to interact with others. This is because loneliness is lethal. Psychology Today reports that the physical effects of loneliness are identical to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. They also go on to say that lonely people are more prone to premature death than people with a strong social network.

Nursing homes also offer activities for even bed-bound residents. There are usually large libraries, Internet access, gyms, gardens, and outings. Some nursing homes offer classes and programs such as art therapy. Many schools and churches volunteer to sing or perform short plays for the residents. Some nursing homes have visits from therapy dogs. Some nursing homes will allow residents to have pets.

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