Spring Lawn Care Tips to Follow Right Now

On the YouTube channel Ryan Knorr Lawn Care he produced a video called “Top Six Spring Lawn Care Tips.” He discusses six tips to help you take care of your lawn. Start by walking around the yard and looking at problem areas like weeds, lack of grass, and bald spots. You should rake the lawn to remove leaves and debris to help prepare the soil.

Video Source

The second step is to perform a soil test which you can purchase at stores to find out what products you need to help you grow grass. You can perform a soil test yourself with the kit.

The third step is to clean your mower and start it up and make sure it is running properly. He has a video on how to clean your mower blades off and sharpen them before you begin the spring lawn season. If you want to prevent weeds, you will have to apply a product that prevents them before the grass begins to grow. Do not plant seeds if you use these products as they will not grow. Your next step is seeding in late spring and due to the late season, he suggests you seed again in the fall. The last step is to mow your lawn regularly to keep it looking good.

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