These States Offer the Most Affordable Houses For Sale in the U.S.

If you’ve decided to enter the housing market, you’re making an exciting decision that will affect you and your family for decades to come. Investing in a home is most likely the most significant financial decision you will make in your lifetime. If you’re like most prospective homeowners, you’re looking for houses for sale that are as affordable as possible. Have you ever considered relocating to find the best deal? If you’re willing to travel, consider moving to one of these states for the cheapest houses in the nation.

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One state that should definitely be on your radar is Missouri. While it’s well-known for the beer produced there, this state offers a lot more than beverages. The transportation, manufacturing, and financial service industries are all booming there, which should make finding a job after your move a breeze. The median home price in this state is roughly $194,000. One of the most affordable states to live in is Mississippi. Major industries there include agriculture, which has been true since the earliest days of the state’s history, as well as manufacturing. The median home price in this state is roughly $141,000.

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