Millenial Home Design Trends

Millennial Home Design Trends

Meta description: New home? Great! Now its time to create high-end millennial home design trends that will make your home stand out form the rest. Keep reading for some cool tips.

You’re excited about your newly purchased home but it’s not exactly what you had in mind for design. You’re now looking to turn it into your unique space that you can be proud of. now you’re looking for a trendy change that will suit your taste more.

Millennials are often tech-savvy and have their wits about them when it comes to the latest trends in virtually anything. If you’re in the market to turn your home into a high-end smart property, then it’s time to check out these tips. Today we’re talking about all the things you need for top millennial home design trends.

Planning your Renovation

When it comes to renovations or changing your place, you must have a plan in place and not to mention a budget too. In this way, you can calculate what is available, your limitations, and who you can hire for the job.

What Budget do you Have in Mind?

Your budget will cover all your project costs, from hiring flooring contractors and a window company to the items and furnishings you’re using. The prices vary based on many factors like the type of work to do, the products used and installed plus lots more. Once you have the quotes, you can work with your budget to choose the best-suited contractors.

You might Need a Loan

You may find that you could do with extra cash to cater for any shortfalls during the project, and having a building loan could help you with this. When getting a building loan, the financial provider will often make the payments in stages to avoid overpaying. In this way, the fees are also used mainly for specific parts of the job.

Avoid Overspending

It may seem tempting to do even more work on your property. Top millennial home design trends are thriving with amazing and unique features that make it easy to want more. But, if you’re overdoing the process and spending more, you may not be able to get your money’s worth when you decide to sell your property later. So, make wise choices in this regard and do the reno based on what will bring in more value.

Do a Complete Reno Over Partial Mini Renovations

Renovations are costly. We understand that. Still, if you can afford to do a lot of renovations in one go, proceed. If the project is spread over a couple of years and done in stages, it’s also fine, but remember that it could cost more as the economy rises and projects and items become more expensive.

Try These Top Millennial Home Design Trends

Many things stand out in millennial trends like sustainability, innovative technology, and accessibility. There is no longer the misconception of homes being a strict line drawn between either very contemporary or extremely vintage or classic. These days there are aspects like custom cabinet design, blending textures and materials to create the ideal look custom-made for the individual.

Kitchen Cabinet Install

Cabinets are one of the key features your eyes fall on as soon as you walk into a kitchen. A spacious kitchen with enough storage makes working and storing groceries and utensils pleasant and helpful.

An essential factor to remember is to get your quotes done so that you can decipher what’s going to work best for your allocated budget. You can also get the custom door design for each one styled a specific way to add different textures or other unique touches.

Choose Smart Functional Furniture

Whether you’re getting your furnishings bought at a furniture store or getting it custom-designed, you can be certain that intelligent functionality counts. These days designers thrive on furniture being not only beautiful but functional too. For instance, a coffee table may have a sectional drawer where things can be stowed away. The same applies to beds with built-in drawers as these are all great for limited space in the home.

Another perfect example of functional and smart furniture is things that fold away. For instance, a table slides out from the side of the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator and pulls out to set up as a dining set.

Many functional furnishings also feature things like handy charging ports, back up ups and lots more.

Straight Lines and Finishes are a Thing of the Past

Many folks like contemporary and even modern finishes, but they give a sense of informality and are prim and proper to some extent. When it comes to millennial home design trends, the more relaxed approach is more desirable. Very few millennials are big on vintage or classic designs and would instead make their home a peaceful zen-relaxing type. You can renew the look of your current décor, by adding curves, geometric patterns and abstract features.

Keeping it Minimal

Millennials preferer the saying less is more, and the same is said for preference in the home. So, casual yet contemporary is perfect for the modern-day millennial. Keeping things minimum, comfortable, and beautiful is what matters most. Most people work hard and by the time they get home after a long day, they don’t want to feel overwhelmed by too many furnishings or colors that exude too much. Instead, by choosing minimal, you get to enjoy peaceful relaxation.

Colors that help evolve the minimalistic millennial home look include black, dark grey and tan. Dark colors showcase boldness yet maintain that exclusive trendy look and chic design you want. You can also use black as part of selected furniture pieces or a theme throughout living spaces.

Use Lighting that Speaks Volumes

Regular lighting is excellent, but statement lamps and floor lights are even better. You may not have all the lights in the home be something of an artistic affair but choosing at least two or three works wonders. After all, you’re not just being plain; you’re showcasing your youthful energy and flair for art. It’s always appreciated if you get to feature your signature style in your house or apartment, no matter how big or small.

Bring Light and Nature in

Few things can pick up the energy of a place, like nature and natural light with fresh air. Therefore, you can rely on aspects like plants, miniature trees, large glass windows and more for that nature-nurture feel.

Everyone wants to save, and this is just as well, given the rise in the economy. So, to be savvy, build with saving on utility bills in mind. Add features like the following for a semi-off-the-grid home.

Solar energy

Harnessing the sun’s power is an affordable way to save on electricity expenses. While the initial installation cost might be expensive, it is a long-term investment that will also boost your home’s resale price. You can also set up inverter systems and batteries to store excess power from the sun and replenish later.

Water tanks

Water is a valuable commodity and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Adding water tanks to your home is an efficient way to save on water use. The water can filter through as the rain passes it down the gutters and into the tanks. Harvested water can be used for garden irrigation, pool, flushing toilets and washing clothing.

Recycling systems

If you are looking for more efficiency, you can do even more than water and energy saving by adding recycling systems in place. Recycling and making compost for your garden and home-grown vegetables is a smart way to reduce waste.

Get Professional Painters

All walls need painting, and sometimes a fresh lick of paint does wonders to restore the age of the home. But this can take some time and if you’re up for it and know how to get it done, then for sure, go ahead. Still, when you rely on painting service professionals, you’ll get the walls sorted in record time and done 100%.

Choosing Natural Textures and Sustainability

When it comes to the textures framing walls, doors, floor supplies and ceilings, sustainable natural textures matters most.


Natural textures include things like concrete for its efficient insulation and ability to maintain structural integrity. Some of the best-made concrete compositions are even strong enough to withstand earthquakes depending on the structure and concrete grade.


Stone cladding always looks beautiful and on point whether it’s a feature wall or a facade in the front of the building. Stone is porous and is also available in many types, like marble and slate, which are great for flooring, walls, and kitchen counters. Stone is also easy to clean, looks exquisite and less expensive than other forms of material, yet it doesn’t lose its charm and high-end traits.


Shiplap wood finishings always give a touch of beach vibes or modern cottage beauty. It is also available on synthetic materials, but for the most part, recycled materials might be used when looking to enjoy sustainability.

Shiplap is not only low maintenance, but they are also resistant to rust and corrosion from the weather. Shiplap has also always exuded that modern effect look you will immediately see when you come across a property with this feature.


Natural woollen carpets are soft, easy to maintain and warm for winter weather. Choose woollen rugs over synthetic ones in your sustainable options.


Wood is great for insulation, and it provides beautiful patterns and grains. Wood is versatile and can be used for furniture and décor pieces throughout the home. Wood is affordable and one of the top millennial design trends for all homes.


Another stylish and versatile medium to incorporate in your trendier home is clay. Clay is warm, natural and great for aesthetics. The Mediterranean loves using terracotta and clay for their wall and floor tiles, not to mention their pottery. Clay tiles are also incorporated on roofs and provide robust structure, insulation, weather resistance and water drainage.

Consult the Professionals

If you don’t know where to start or how you’ll get this project off the ground, then you can be confident with help from the pros. Companies will assess what work is needed, and then they’ll be able to quote you accordingly. They will often walk you through the process and you will know what to expect throughout the duration.

Do it yourself Has Limitations

For custom door and painting services, you can check out some quotes to help you get the best pick for your project needs. The professionals will help you get a job well done and also complete it in time for the big reveal. There’s nothing wrong with DIY (do it yourself) projects, and yes, these can save you money too, but they are not always the best bet when the work is intricate, like electrical, plumbing, or fitting your newly bought wholesale windows and doors.

Perhaps smaller DIY stuff like putting flat-pack furniture together is okay or recreating your garden. For some millennials, certain things come naturally. If you are also trained in specific fields, you’ll save a few bucks by dedicating your own craftsmanship to the project. Still, bear in mind that it could take longer, especially if you don’t do this sort of renovation gigs every day.

Next time you’re undertaking a project like this, you can go ahead and enjoy the exciting highs and lows that comes with transforming your home into a booming and trendy millennial property fit for family and work.

Next time you’re undertaking a project like this, you can go ahead and enjoy the exciting highs and lows that comes with transforming your home into a booming and trendy millennial property fit for family and work.

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