Essential Pool Supplies for Your Family

Having a pool can be great fun, but comes with responsibilities so you can enjoy safe, clean swimming. This is why having the right supplies is essential. Read on to learn about essential pool supplies every pool owner should have.

Maintaining proper water chemistry is crucial for keeping your pool clean and safe. Essential pool chemicals include chlorine or alternative sanitizers, pH adjusters, and alkalinity and calcium hardness balancers. Regularly testing and adjusting the chemical levels will help prevent algae growth, maintain water clarity, and ensure a healthy swimming environment.

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A pool skimmer removes debris from the water, such as leaves and insects. It is an essential tool for maintaining clean and clear pool water. A skimmer is typically attached to the side of the pool and uses a basket to collect debris, preventing it from clogging the pool’s filtration system.

A pool vacuum is necessary for regular cleaning and removing dirt and debris that settle on the pool floor. Manual and automatic pool vacuums are available, with automatic vacuums being more convenient for larger pools. Do research and find which type is right for you.

A pool test kit is necessary for monitoring and maintaining the water chemistry levels. It typically includes test strips or liquid reagents to measure pH, chlorine levels, alkalinity, and other important parameters. Make sure to adjust the levels in your pool based on the test kit.

Having these essential pool supplies on hand can help maintain your pool for your family to enjoy. Many hardware stores carry the supplies mentioned. Find a store with the right experts who can give you great advice on maintaining your pool.

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