Fixing Incandescent and LED Christmas Lights

Every Christmas season, families across the country unpack their holiday decorations. During this process, it is not uncommon to find bulbs or whole strands of lights that are not functioning properly. Understanding how to fix incandescent and LED Christmas Lights makes this part of the holiday season easier to manage.

Start by plugging in the lights to see which ones turn on. For LED lights, the bulb that does not light simply needs to be replaced.

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Most lights purchased tend to come with a couple of replacement bulbs, however, if this is not the case you can go to the store where you purchased the bulbs, or online, to find replacements for the same brand. For Incandescent lights, a single light out can affect the entire strand. It may take going through each individual light and seeing which needs to be replaced, which can become time-consuming.

In a case where half of the lights work, there may be an issue with the wiring. A non-contact voltage tester can be used to see if electricity is fully flowing through the lights. Starting from the middle, as opposed to one of the ends, can cut down on the process. If the problem is here, it can be addressed quickly.

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