Learn How to Make a Custom Leather Stamping Die

Want to know how to make your very own custom leather stamping die? Well, this video is all you want. This video has all the details you might want about making your very own custom leather die.

Stamping leather can create some wonderful patterns and textures, but there are only so many alternatives for pre-made leather stamps. Leather stamps must be able to bear a significant amount of force and pressure, thus choosing the proper material is critical.

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You need to choose the right materials to make sure the custom leather stamping die you are making are perfect.

After you’ve printed your stamps, you may connect them to the rods you’ll be using to hammer your pattern. Before attaching the rods, make sure they are cut into 5-6′ lengths. You can cut the aluminium rod using a cold metal saw and then filed away the sharp burrs with a metal hand file. Create a suitable stamping surface first. Place your pounding board on top of your marble or other firm surface to do this.

Apply water to both sides of your leather with a sponge to ‘case’ it. It should be wet but not drenched. Leather that is too dry will be difficult to stamp, while leather that is too damp will not keep the stamping patterns as well.

You can watch the full video to learn the easy ways to make the leather die yourself. All you’ll need are the right materials and tips to make the die perfectly.

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