What to Avoid When Installing a Fence

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This article will discuss the 5 most common mistakes made by fence contractors when building your fence. Make sure to get a professional and highly rated fence company to do your job to avoid these headaches.

The first mistake is not locating your underground utilities. You can seriously damage pipes, cables, and other lines leading to your house. This can cost you thousands of dollars and even cause injury or death.

The second mistake is not burying your fence post deep enough. If you fail to bury your fence post deep enough, it will not be able to withstand inclement weather. Bury your fenceposts 2ft or more to withstand the frost line and frost heave.

The next mistake is buying prebuilt fencing. You need your fence to be built onsite in order for it to properly follow the contour of your yard. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a stair-step look that is clunky and awkward.

If you want the gate to last the entire life of the fence, make sure to use steel posts and support beams. Using wood will only lead to problems, and fast.

The last mistake is building improper transitions between a 4ft tall fence and 6ft tall fence. To make your fence look custom and specially designed for your yard, you want to have your installer make a nice gradual slope between the two.

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