10 Best Self Care Gifts for New Moms You Didn’t Think Of

The only thing better than getting a self care gift for a new mom is bringing 10 of them. It’s even better when those gifts are thoughtful. Self care has been called out as important by nearly every expert these days, mothers included. If giving someone you love some well-deserved time to take care of herself sounds good, then keep reading because we have just what you’re looking for. Here are 10 of the best self care gifts for new moms you didn’t think of.

A New Hair Accessory

If you have been thinking of gifting a new mom and want to give them more than a baby sippy cup for their new child, then a new hair accessory is one of the best self care gifts for new moms. This specific hair accessory will allow them to feel good about themselves after they’ve had a baby. Here are some great tips on choosing the best hair accessory for your gift.

Before we get started, know that there is no one specific type of hair accessory she may want. What works for one mom may not work for another because everyone has different tastes and needs. The first step is figuring out how the baby spends their day. If they spend time at home with a caregiver, then you’re all set. Find something appropriate for them to wear during those times.

Suppose they go back to work or school after spending time at home. In that case, it’s a bit trickier because moms often revert to keeping a more professional appearance while at work or going back to school. Although this doesn’t always have to be the case, don’t let it discourage you from getting her a hair accessory. She may find that having some fun with her new look is just what she needs.

There are also many other situations where your gift will come in handy beyond working or going back to school, like if they need something for an upcoming wedding or party. These great ideas will ensure you’re giving the best possible gift no matter the situation.

A Back Massager

Being a mom is very demanding without much recognition. A new mother needs to constantly be on her feet since she is caring for a newborn. Mothers are always tired and stressed during this period in their lives. They do not have the time to take care of themselves.

New moms need self care in any way they can get it, even if it’s from a simple back massager, because not only does it help them relax and ease muscle aches by providing back pain relief, but it also boosts their mood. This would be a great way to let a mother know you care about her wellness and that she is important, too.

A back massager is an electronic device that uses vibration and/or heat to relieve muscle aches and tension by applying them to the bare skin through massage techniques such as kneading, rolling, tapping, or pounding. An ideal massage tool should be easy to use, compact yet powerful, and versatile enough for all body parts.

Many back massagers are available in the market today, but not all of them are designed for new moms. These devices can be costly if you’re looking to buy one for someone else. You’ll want her to feel special, so it’s best to take note of her needs first before purchasing any back massager.

A Spa Gift Card

A new mom will be very busy taking care of a newborn. There are so many things that they have to take care of daily that it can sometimes become overwhelming or depressing. For this reason, you may want to show your support and appreciation with the gift of self care. One way to do this is by purchasing a spa gift card. It is one of the best self care gifts for new moms because they can use it to take a break and enjoy themselves at day spas or other facilities.

One of the reasons moms may appreciate this type of card is because they can use it to get a massage or some other body treatment, such as an acupuncturist service. This is one way for them to relax, unwind, and forget about all their problems. Another reason why spa cards are an excellent idea is that these places will often offer discounts to new customers. It may be a particularly nice incentive for a new mom since they know it will help them save money.

In addition, you can also get one of these cards from your local massage therapist or another professional in the industry. A spa gift card can be one of the best self care gifts for new moms because it helps them relax. It is essential for their emotional health since all new mothers are under stress and pressure. When they have more time to relax, they will be more able to enjoy this special time in their lives.

A New and Cute Lounge Set

A new mom can never have enough time for herself. With their bundle of joy keeping them on toes, they barely get to eat, let alone shower or exercise. Time is always running out and often neglected when taking care of oneself. But what if you think about gifting the mom a new and cute lounge set that will make her feel special?

If you don’t know what that might be, then a new lounge set is one of the best self care gifts for new moms. Most sets consist of cozy slippers and a matching top and sweatpants. The slippers will soothe her feet, especially after a long day of chasing the little one around, and the matching clothes will make her feel comfy yet sophisticated.

Apart from being extremely comfortable, she can wear this new mom’s lounge set as a reminder to take time for herself now and then. She’ll feel relaxed knowing that she’s looking good and feeling comfortable while taking care of the baby at the same time.

Soaps and Fragrances for Her Bathroom

Individuals can use soap and fragrances to cleanse the body, but did you know they are also great for cleansing the soul? Women searching for a good self care gift for new moms might be tempted to buy fancy lotions and body washes, but they can also give new life to an ordinary beauty salon. Instead of purchasing the essential oil scents that incorporate a diffuser backed up by a custom power adapter, try giving her something completely different with a luxury soap or fragrance.

Her new bathroom design is probably filled with bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It might be time to clean out the old stuff and make room for some luxury soaps for her new bathroom. She can keep her essential oils in her corner cabinet while enjoying a luxurious bar of soap on the counter next to her new sink. A luxury soap can make any woman feel like a princess as they wash their hands in the sink. New moms can also use a little luxury in the shower when adding a new fragrance to their collection. She might feel guilty having some ‘me’ time when there is so much work to be done at home, but she will appreciate it later when she comes out refreshed. Therefore, do not miss out on such gifts since they are also one of the best self care gifts for new moms.

Her Favorite Takeout and Wine

New moms are usually very busy looking after the baby, so having a delicious meal prepared for them is satisfying. She may not have enough time to do anything else, but she can always relax with you over good food and wine after putting the baby to sleep. It is one of the best self care gifts for new moms. Having your meal ready is also very thoughtful because it’s one less thing that new moms have to worry about.

You can even make a reservation at a restaurant that you know she likes, for instance, one offering Italian cuisine and surprise her by picking her up from home after she’s put the baby down to sleep. It’s thoughtful of you to go through all this trouble just to let her know that you appreciate what she does every day, no matter how tiring it is. You can also make this an excuse to go on a friends date with her once in a while. It will let her know that even though you’re busy too, the two of you still appreciate and love each other very much.

It’s best to choose your gift based on what she likes most because it will mean more if she’s surprised with something that she wants. So, if you’ve noticed that she always goes for her favorite wine or takeout, then go ahead and choose one of these as your self care gift idea. It will be one of the most unforgettable presents you can give her.

An Afternoon at Her Favorite Brewery

There are a lot of self care gifts for new moms you might have thought of: a gym membership, a massage voucher, a spa package, or maybe even a weekend away. What about taking the mom to her favorite brewery one afternoon to enjoy a delicious craft beer from an amazing craft beer company? Here’s why your favorite craft beer lover will love such a gift.

It will give her a reason to take care of herself. When you’re a mom, you tend to put yourself last on the priority list after your family and all their needs. The brewery afternoon is the perfect chance for the new mom in your life to pamper herself and enjoy some downtime by taking care of and doing something she loves.

She will have a chance to unwind without feeling guilty. It’s easy for moms to feel guilty about going out and taking the time away from the family. However, a self care gift like a brewery afternoon is meant to remind her that she deserves it; she has been so busy keeping everyone else happy that it’s time to take a break for herself. For this case, be sure to incorporate this gift since it is one of the best self care gifts for new moms.

New Highly-Rated Pillowcases

Do you know that the lack of sleep soon after childbirth makes a new mom more miserable? And while most moms would love to have some extra sleep, their babies are the ones who demand attention all through. This is why self care products for new moms are gaining in popularity these days. If you are looking for another amazing self care gift for a new mom, then highly-rated pillowcases are the way to go.

Pillowcases for new moms offer many benefits to the user. These highly-rated products claim to give you enough rest by keeping your hair, skin, and eyes safe during sleep. These products also claim to reduce the risk of postpartum hair loss by stopping your hair from sticking to your pillow. These new mom pillowcases are made out of silk or satin, which does not allow for too much bacterial growth and thus helps prevent hair loss.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are also of the best self care gifts for new moms. Plus, they are much more affordable than other options, such as incorporating motorized window shades. Babies (and even grown-ups) feel more secure in complete darkness, making it easier for them to fall asleep. Also, the darkness will help the new parents sleep soundly as well.

The darkness is about avoiding the light and the noise and distractions. If the mum lives in a place with lots of traffic around, installing blackout curtains can help muffle out most of the noises so you and your baby can get more restful sleep at night.

A New Coffeemaker

This is one of the best self care gifts for new moms, which you can easily get from your favorite shopping center. According to studies, drinking caffeine in moderation can help prevent postpartum depression since it contains L-theanine, a natural mood enhancer.

A mother who cares for her baby will also need time to pamper herself. She needs a tool that can make her life easier when she wakes up every morning, and the best way to do that is to have coffee waiting for her when she wakes up. She doesn’t even need to leave her bed. She can stay in bed and enjoy her delicious cup of coffee, which will awaken her senses.

Choosing a gift for new mothers is not always an easy task. However, taking into account some important details can make you achieve great results. Pregnancy is a very special period for every woman, and mother-to-be deserves the best during this phase of life. The best self care gifts for new moms mentioned above will enable you to put a smile on her face.

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