How To Save Recycling

There’s a big chance you might not be recycling properly, but there are some recycling tips you can follow to do better and help the environment. The Youtube video “Why you’re recycling wrong” explains exactly why, so let’s find out more.
Most people think they can recycle anything made of cardboard, such as the to-go cup of coffee they bought before going to work. It would actually surprise you to know that the cup is not recyclable.

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However, knowing what can or can’t be recycled is not easy, so don’t fret. Sometimes, the reason you’re doing it wrong is simply because recycling codes and regulations change between states and countries.
Unfortunately, the rules don’t always account for certain products and materials. So, some things that are supposed to be thrown out as garbage end up in recyclable bins, making the process harder. One-fourth of the items that Americans try to recycle can’t be recycled.
According to waste management experts, this is a phenomenon called “aspirational recycling.” When people don’t know exactly if an item can be recycled, they still do it because they believe it’s the right course of action. However, they’re wrong.
You can check the rest of the video for more details and recycling tips.

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