Watch This Video Before Installing a Roof Yourself

You may have read every book there is to know about roofing. However, it is all so different once you are actually up there and standing on the shingles. The sheer elevation can be frightening. No book can prepare you for this. It is not for the faint of heart.

Video Source

If you find that installing roofing on your own is just too demanding, consider calling professional roofers to install the roofing for you.

There are many hazards when it comes to roofing. Snow can make the surface slick. There are plenty of videos of people slipping off their roof due to snow. Sometimes, the snow itself may come loose and slide off the roof, bringing roofers down with the snow. Storms also pose a threat. Wind gusts can knock roofers off their feet. Rain can also make the shingles slick.

At one point in the above video, you can see a man who attempted to install his own roofing. It didn’t go so well in this case. He is barely hanging onto the roof as the ladder sways to one side. He has to pull the ladder back towards him while hanging onto the roof. What a scary situation.


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