How to Handle Foundation Repair

Home repairs are often a costly and time-consuming issue that every homeowner will have to address. Cracks in the foundation can lead to serious and irreversible damage if not addressed quickly. Understanding foundation repair gives homeowners the confidence to fix the problem before it has the opportunity to further develop.

The first step in tackling the repair is understanding how the issue began in the first place. Cracks can form in the foundation of a home if the foundation does not have the proper footing.

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They are also able to form when the drainage is compromised in the winter months. During this time, water is constantly freezing and melting, which can exacerbate and grow the crack further.

When starting work on the crack, it may be necessary to use a grinder to make it a little wider. This is done so that when the new material is added to the foundation it has more to stay and stick. From here, it is recommended to wipe the area down with an alcohol cleaning agent or wipes. This not only cleans up the area but also helps to remove any loose stone that may be in or around the crack.

For additional information on foundation repair, please review the attached video.

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