Signs You Need a New Roof

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Many homeowners face roofing issues every year. It’s an important part of any home and if it starts to fail, you want to get a new roof as soon as possible. This video will show you how to catch early signs that you need a roof replacement so you can save money on repairs and protect your home.

Roof deterioration doesn’t happen overnight. Signs will crop up over time, and they may not require a replacement right away. Sometimes a roof repair is the only thing you need. Chronic problems are the ones that will get you thinking about replacing your roof.

The first thing you need to look for is shingle curling and cracking. Changing temperatures will cause the shingles to expand and contract. After about 15 years, this wears on the shingles and causes the edges to turn up. Curling is often coupled with small cracks through the shingles.

Nail pops are another problem that indicates aging that will require a new roof. Again, the expansion and contraction from temperature changes will cause nails to pop out and cause bulges in your roof. It can create punctures in the shingles that leads to leaking.

For more signs, check out the video above.

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