Cleaning Gutters the Right Way

Gutter cleaning isn’t a hard task. One needs to place their ladder on a sturdy surface, clear debris, flush the gutter, and remove any clogs. Follow this guide to ensure the gutters are sparkling clean.

I. Place the ladder properly in a safe, sturdy area.

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II. Use a gutter pole to gather debris and scoop it with a gutter scoop. If there is too much debris, one can use your hand.
III. Flush the gutter with water to check if there are any clogged materials. This also helps to know if there is a proper flow of water or any leakages.
IV. Clear Clogs. A person can use a plumber’s snake to remove the stubborn clogs.
V. Repair any leakages.
VI. Check the slope. If it isn’t properly adjusted, one should adjust it till it achieves the right slope.
VII. Fasten the gutters on the house if need be.
VIII. Use a pressure washer to clean the exterior of the gutter.

Gutter cleaning may be unpleasant, but it is necessary. Gutter cleaning should be done annually. Follow the above guide to clean the gutters like a pro.

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