How Does Methadone Work?

Methadone is a synthetic medication that has been successfully used in the treatment of drug addiction. It is specifically used to help those addicted to opioids, whether they be such prescription medications as oxycodone, or illegal drugs, including heroin. The video described the mostly positive and occasionally negative aspects of methadone treatment.

Methadone is considered an opioid agonist because of the way it affects opioid receptors. These natural receptors are found in the brain and elsewhere in the human body.

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In the process, methadone has the double effect of eliminating withdrawal symptoms and the craving for more drugs.

One downside of methadone treatment is that the drug can itself produce dependency on the part of patients. However, this problem can be tackled through the controlled administration of the drug. Additionally, methadone only requires a single daily dose to be effective. The use of methadone also reduces the risk of contracting the diseases that are often associated with intravenous drug use.

The lower risks associated with its use makes methadone a safer alternative to legal and illegal drugs and explains its wide acceptance in the quest to tackle the serious problem of opioid addiction.


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