How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle at Home

In this video, you will find some basics on how to look after your Indian Chieftain motorcycle. Make sure you check your bike at least once or twice a week.

Verify that your tires have enough pressure and that there aren’t any screws or sharp objects stuck that can cause a puncture, and checking your tire tread is also as important as the tire pressure.

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Examine your bike’s chain to make sure it runs smoothly and that the tension on the chain is correctly tensioned. If you regularly travel off-road, cleaning your chain should be done after each ride.

Indian Chieftain motorcycle

Regular oil maintenance is a must. Ensure your bike is standing level and not at a slant when checking your oil level. With a level bike, you get an accurate reading on the amount of oil in the bike’s oil reserve. Do an oil check when your bike engine is cold, as a hot engine can cause an inaccurate reading.

Check the battery often if your bike isn’t being ridden regularly. However, if ridden daily, the battery can be checked infrequently. Brakes should always be checked for sufficient pressure and whether there are any cracks. Bike lights are basically the easiest thing to maintain but should be checked before each ride to ensure they are all in working condition.

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