Here’s Why Everyone Should be Sleeping on Organic Sheets

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Today’s consumers are more educated, knowledgeable, and conscious than ever, thanks in part to the prevalence of online search engines and social media. These digital mediums make it incredibly easy for consumers to share information and directly engage with brands in meaningful ways. And as more and more conscious consumers voice their concerns online, brands have responded by creating ethical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible products.

The organic food movement goes far beyond cultivating food that simply “taste better”. Instead, it address a number of causes and concerns revolving around animal, human, and environmental rights. The organic food movement has created waves in a number of industries, with consumers demanding a variety of organic goods in addition to food products. It’s now quite common to see a variety of organic cosmetics, cleaning supplies, personal care products, and even pet foods!

Organic bedding sets are an example of the demand for organic household goods. If you’re wondering what organic bedding products are and why they’re even necessary, here’s a short a list of why everyone should be sleeping on organic sheets:

They’re a lot better for you

Certified organic sheets are made from cotton that has been grown without the use of harmful pesticides, toxic chemical fertilizers, or genetic modification. Furthermore, organic cotton is not treated with any kind of harsh chemical such as bleaches, scents, or washes during processing or packaging.

Why is this important? As with organic foods, organic sheets are free of hazardous chemical irritants that can be harmful to both people and the environment. Those with allergies or autoimmune disorders who are sensitive to chemical treatments may find that non-organic foods and products exacerbate their symptoms.

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies or an autoimmune disorder, limiting your exposure to chemical toxins supports a healthy lifestyle. If you want a home that is as chemical and toxin free as possible, organic sheets are a must.

…and they’re a lot better for the environment

Because organic farming practices are free of deadly pesticides, toxic insecticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic modification, they’re generally considered better for the environment. Over time, the chemicals used in standard farming practices can deplete the soil, disturb delicate ecosystems, and seep into public water supplies. These chemicals have a devastating effect on the environment and even the laborers who harvest and process cotton crops.

Cotton is a crop loved by both people and insects, and often requires the use of power insecticides which contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals cannot be removed, and can make their way into the food supply in the form of cottonseed oil. Not only is cottonseed oil high in saturated fat, but nonorganic varieties are genetically modified and may lead to inflammation in the body.

They’re high quality

Low grade cotton sheets are not only uncomfortable to sleep on, but they also don’t last very long. After a few seasons of use and several washes, they quickly lose what little quality they had and continue deteriorating. Every year, large quantities of fabrics and textiles are thrown away where they end up land fills. Although these items are recyclable and can be repurposed, they’re often carelessly discarded and needlessly wasted. This puts a strain on already heavily burdened landfills and creates a demand for unsustainable goods.

Investing in high quality organic sheets eliminates the need to purchase sheets every year, making it an environmentally and financially responsible decision. Organic sheets have an inherent softness that remains smooth and silky to the touch year after year and wash after wash.

Now is a great time to enjoy and experience all the benefits of organic sheets for yourself! But don’t stop there. For a healthier home and lifestyle, eat organic foods, use organic cleaning products and personal care items, and purchase organic sheets, towels, and even clothing when possible! Your body and the environment will thank you!

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