Home Buyers Consider Available School Districts in Many of Their Decisions

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There are many factors that play into buying a home, but an increasing number of families with children are picking a school district before they start considering home choice. In a time when some fear that federal government decisions will continue to jeopardize the future of public schools, the trend of picking a school district first, and a house second could continue to grow.
When it comes time to finding a good neighborhood school and then considering homes for sale, this is a time when realtors across the nation need to make sure that they are well versed in all areas of a community. Realtors need to be well versed in the size of school districts, the student to teacher ratios, the test scores, and other important factors that potential buyers need to know before they will even start looking at a home.
House Hunting Is an Involved Process That Requires Both Time and Patience
Although there are stories of some home buyers easily finding the home of their dreams, the reality of today’s real estate market is that it takes research, patience, and time to find the right house. Whether you are starting your search by selecting a school district or the distance of your commute, in many cases a realtor is often the best preparation. And in a time when the housing industry is creating new homes with many energy efficient features, it should come as no surprise that 48% of buyers interested in brand new homes indicate that ?energy-efficiency? i s their most desired feature. In a similar survey result, Zillow reports that 48% of buyers look for homes that have never been lived in. New homes, obviously, are going to be more efficient when it comes to HVAC systems and other energy related installations.
In addition to wanting to buy a home that is more energy efficient, many home buyers are also looking to new home purchases because they simply do not want to move into an older home that might require extensive renovations. In fact, 34% of recent buyers who purchased new homes indicated that they were looking to avoid renovations and problems with electricity or plumbing.
For many Americans, a home search starts with finding the right school district and ends with considering newer homes that offer the most energy efficient options.

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