Stone and Tile Detailing

There is a multitude of materials that can be used from home construction, both inside and outside. Of all the options, stone and brick continue to be some of the most popular- especially when it comes to finishing walls and accent areas of the home. Installing architecture stone is a big deal and must be … [Read more…]

Tips For Creating a Military Shadowbox

A military shadowbox is a presentation case filled with medals and other mementos of a soldier’s career. Learn how to make one from Morgan House Woodprojects. Prepping objects to place inside a military shadowbox, like for US Air Force shadowboxes, is very important. They will be the focus of the piece. Video Source Snip off … [Read more…]

Crib Safety Tips for Your Newborn

After months of preparation, your baby has finally arrived. You arrive home from the hospital and being your “new” life. Newborns are very delicate and require a tremendous amount of care. Buying and assembling a crib for your baby is standard, but there are more steps to be taken to make sure all your baby … [Read more…]

What to Gift for Retirement

Retirement may mark the end of one chapter, but it also brings with it the start of a new adventure. To help usher in this new beginning, a retirement gift will be an ideal tribute to mark your parent’s accomplishments while preparing them for the road ahead. Here are a few options worth considering helping … [Read more…]