Ten Ways to Make Your Vacation Home Brand New this Year

Upgrading your vacation home can make it look brand new. You don’t have to break the bank for the project. By listing down your vacation home design ideas and budgeting for them, you’ll cut costs associated with impulsive buying of construction supplies.

Some minor home improvements don’t require special installation skills, like rearranging home decor. Others need experts to manage, like fixing a home security system. Before deciding on which home improvements to select, take note of expert fees. However, it’s crucial to get quality services for your vacation home upgrade.

The main aim of building or buying a vacation home is to have a place to relax and get away from a busy daily life. All home upgrades should make your stay at the house comfortable and enjoyable. Consider other family members’ opinions and preferences when planning the home improvement.

This article describes vital vacation home upgrades which can make your home look brand new and refreshing.

1. Upgrading Your Kitchen

Creating a functional kitchen will make your vacation home feel comfortable. You can purchase updated appliances, silver stock drawers, and dining tables to make preparing meals easy. The dining table is handy when serving food.

When you’re on vacation for more than three days, you’ll likely want to prepare a meal. Ensure your vacation home design ideas for the kitchen are well-stocked with cooking supplies like pots, pans, plates, sharp knives, mixing bowls, and can openers.

If your kitchen cabinets are old, consider investing in a new one. The kitchen floor needs to be shining, durable, and attractive to make your stay there fun. Wood flooring or tiles can make it better. Also, check the lighting of your kitchen to ensure it’s well lit. For instance, you can purchase cabinet lighting.

You can space out your kitchen shelf displays to freshen their look. Don’t overfill the shelves. Freeing up shelves and reserving a space is necessary for turning ordinary frames into stylish kitchen statements.

Since overhauling the entire kitchen is costly and takes a long time, it’s not the correct route. You can plan to block one week to handle the quick vacation home upgrades. If you’re not getting adequate time to supervise the project, you can hire an interior building products services company to manage the whole project.

2. Creating a Perfect Bathroom

Vacation home design ideas include establishing a perfect bathroom for vacation homes. A boring bathroom can dampen your mood. A spruced-up bathroom creates an unbeatable experience. Imagine relaxing in bubble baths with candles and glasses of wine.

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t have to cost much. You can invest in updating plumbing and water pressure. Repairing all small chips or cracks in fixtures is vital.

You can replace the bathroom floor with a shiny one. If the walls look drab, paint them afresh. Also, you can install attractive and brighter lighting to make the bathroom beautiful.

Purchasing bathroom appliances like spa-quality absorbent towels is a step towards improving your vacation home. You can include fun bathing products like lovely smelling soaps, candles, and bathrobes in your home upgrading budget.

Find a precast concrete company in your region to help with managing the floor installations you’ll need in your bathroom. The company’s experts can also advise on the best upgrades for your vacation home.

3. Sprucing Up the Outdoors

Every time you pull into your home driveway, you want your vacation home to look fantastic. One of the vacation home design ideas to explore is entryway decluttering. The process is quite simple. It involves pulling weeds, replacing/uprooting dead plants, and trimming front doors/windows.

Upgrading your front yard can involve new home coat painting and keeping the landscape well maintained and refreshing. You can also buy sturdy outdoor furniture. A well-kept vacation home outdoors is welcoming.

You can upgrade your backyard to turn it into a nice place to relax, gather, and play. Some upgrades, like establishing a swimming pool, require a considerable budget and extensive planning. However, minor upgrades like creating a fire pit or buying outdoor chairs need a smaller budget.

Vacation times entail taking photos. The outdoor feel of your vacation home should be spectacular. You can also plant flowers along the lawns to compliment the beautiful house.

The garage of the home is part of the outdoors. If need be, you can seek the services of custom garage floor installation experts to make the often-overlooked garage space look fantastic.

4. Upgrading the Master Bedroom

Vacationing helps people escape real-life realities while indulging in fun and luxury. You’ll spend a considerable amount of time in the master bedroom. The experience should be worth your investment.

When coming up with vacation home design ideas for your home, think about upgrading your master bedroom. The upgrades can entail buying a fluffy duvet, linen sheets, a comfortable mattress, and extra pillows. All these supplies pertain to your bed and make your sleep comfortable.

If you’re planning to spend more on the upgrades, you can purchase blackout curtains to shade the room from sun rays. Also, if the room has an outlet near the bed, you can supply extension cords to charge your phone and laptop. When providing the cables, ensure you use some of the available circuit breakers installations to charge your appliances safely.

You can fresh-coat paint the walls of the master bedroom to ensure they’re shining and bright. Some colors bring relaxation and peaceful feelings. Ensure you can relax during your vacation. Also, consider installing tropical wallpaper on the walls to brighten the room.

5. Optimizing Sleeping Places

Once you’re through with upgrading your master bedroom, it’s time to optimize other sleeping places. If you’re a big family, your vacation home design ideas should accommodate additional family members. Every person needs to feel comfortable in their bedrooms.

Upgrading other bedrooms will accommodate the preferences of your family members. For instance, if your son likes a room with a television, you can buy one. This way, your son will relax in his room for long hours. An ideal vacation home needs to meet the relaxation expectations of all family members.

If you’re often vacationing with friends, you can consider purchasing pull-out coaches, bulk beds, and trundle beds. The beds will provide extra sleeping space for your friends. All your friends will be comfortable visiting new places and exploring different activities with you.

6. Installing Fun Amenities

When traveling to your vacation home, you could fail to pack all the essentials you’ll need. You can buy the amenities and leave them at the house. When you visit again, supplies will be available.

For instance, you can buy bikes, boogie boards, and beach toys if your vacation home is in a tropical region. During your vacation, you’ll have time to bike and exercise in the mornings and evenings. Also, you’ll visit beaches nearby and use the beach toys. You can go overboard and purchase boat deck building supplies if you use a boat for fishing or remuneration functions during vacations.

If your vacation home has a swimming pool, you can buy the necessary swimming costumes. You’ll enjoy dipping yourself in water and sun-basking during your vacation. Even though construction and maintenance of a swimming pool can be expensive, the investment is worth every hassle.

When your vacation home is in a cold climate, buy extra logs to use in the fireplace and snowboards. The cold weather shouldn’t hinder your vacation activities. Ensure you get the maximum relaxing chance from all weather conditions by equipping your vacation home with the amenities you need.

7. Maintaining Your Vacation Home Clean

A well-maintained vacation home is refreshing and relaxing. Do not make your vacation home a dumping site for furniture out of use in your primary residence. Ensure that all furniture, home appliances, grounds, and other amenities are clean. Also, ensure the decor and furnishings of your vacation home are sparkling clean.

You can upgrade the floor plan to be easy to clean. When you hire professional cleaning services to clear all the dirt from your home every week or before a visit, they do a great job. The fences, gates, and roofs should also be kept clean.

If you’ve got an adequate budget to cover your vacation home design ideas, you can replace amenities that have grown old and look like they’re dirty even after cleaning. For instance, you can get commercial glass contractors to replace outdated and dirty glass window partitions in your vacation home.

8. Installing Smart Home Technology

You can install your vacation home with innovative home technology to enhance security. The technology comes with other automated home features like automatic door locks.

The investment requires a substantial amount of money. When selecting a preferred smart home system, ensure you don’t forego quality for low costs. You can research online for different security installation companies and the deals they offer to their clients.

Automated doors that need typed code locks instead of standard keys are great for vacation homes. Once cleaners leave your vacation home, you can change the code. Also, you’ll not have to worry about locking yourself out and losing door keys.

Since you don’t spend all your time in your vacation home, the security upgrades should be top-notch to keep your properties safe. You can’t bear losing your properties after investing a good amount of money.

9. Improving Your Home Decor

Upgrading your home decor doesn’t have to be very expensive or time-consuming. Some minor details can cheer up the look of your vacation home. You can rework what you’ve in the house to bring tremendous new views.

You can purchase more mirrors to put at strategic locations in the house, like the bathroom and bedroom. The mirrors will make the space look bigger, more expensive, and brighter. The everyday glamor is something to crave in your home. Installing mirrors doesn’t require expertise. Therefore, it’s cheap.

Some vacation homeowners are going green. You can look for home upgrades with green and organic bent. Choose a decor that requires easy management and is inexpensive. For instance, you can purchase plants for your house.

Consider getting a new neutral rug to bring out various furnishings and make rooms feel complete. Also, you can add glamor to your vacation home by using metallic vases and embellished pillows.

You could consider painting your front door to give it a new look. The entrance is among the essential home decor. You’ll see the door when you approach your vacation home. Also, guests’ first encounter with your vacation home is the door.

When improving your home decor, embrace minimalism. You can budget for vacation home design ideas that keep your design simple, and the house will be spectacular.

10. Installing Essential Utilities

When you visit your vacation home, you will want to enjoy being away from daily hassles. You might like staying in bed and playing some video games on your computer/ phone or catching up on the best sports podcast online. You’ll need a stable internet connection to play the video games. Installing WiFi will be beneficial.

Also, it can be discouraging to search for networks to reach your loved ones when on vacation. Therefore, it’s necessary to budget for essential network connection utilities.

Apart from the utilities, some vacation home design ideas include buying essential tools and supplies. You need the tools/services to make your vacation home refreshing. They include; veterinary resources, especially if you have a pet, a wreck lawyer if you’ve property claims, and DIY for home decor.

A total overhaul of your vacation home can be expensive. You can concentrate on improving bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms to save money. Targeted home improvement projects get desired results quickly, and you’ll require less time to complete them. Come up with a budget for your vacation home design ideas and invest. The results are worth every dime.

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