Everything You Need to Know About Bulk Trash Removal

When you have large items you need to dispose of, taking them to the dump can really mess up your back. But there’s a better option, bulk trash removal. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about bulk trash removal.

Most counties and towns offer bulk trash removal pick up a few times throughout the year, for example, in the spring when many homeowners are spring cleaning. But you don’t have to wait for the next bulk trash removal pick-up day, if you have bulk trash to get rid of, you can call a bulk trash removal company anytime to schedule a pickup.

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You may be wondering what sorts of items bulk trash removal services take. Since they have a claw that can easily lift large or bulky items, they can take pretty much everything. Some examples include couches or lounge chairs, exercise equipment, dressers and furniture, mattresses, TVs, tables, washing machines or dryers, household appliances, and even construction debris like wood or old roof shingles.

To learn more about bulk trash removal and how it works, watch the video above!


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