Crib Safety Tips for Your Newborn

After months of preparation, your baby has finally arrived. You arrive home from the hospital and being your “new” life. Newborns are very delicate and require a tremendous amount of care. Buying and assembling a crib for your baby is standard, but there are more steps to be taken to make sure all your baby cribs are safe as possible. This video will explain how.

The biggest risks that need to be mitigated are suffocation and entrapment while in the crib.

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Wedges should never be used during sleep to position your baby. Stuffed animals, loose, and heavy sheets should not be in the crib with your baby either.

It is important to place your infant on its back on a firm surface at all times. Hats and bibs should never be worn during sleep either. Your baby can choke and/or suffocate due to those items. Try not to overheat your baby as well. They should never need more than 2 layers on while asleep, be aware of what the room temperature is as well.

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