Choosing an Area Rug for your Room

An area rug can totally transform the look of an entire room. It can add color, texture, and character. It can even serve as a partition to break up different areas of the room.

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This could make the room look larger or more open. There are many perks to placing a large area rug in your living room, dining room, bedroom, den, or other large room.

And you have plenty of options to choose from. If you scour any home decor website or store, you’ll be met with hundreds upon hundreds of choices of area rugs. There are a plethora of different colors, patterns, textures, styles, and sizes. The kind of rug you choose will depend on the overall vibe of the room in which you’re putting it.

Is the room cozy and homey? Or is it more clean and industrial? Do you like old-fashioned things or do you prefer home decor with a more modern twist? Do you like bright, bold colors or would you prefer something more muted and simple? These are all important questions to ask yourself in your area rug search.

If you have pets or children, you should definitely look for rugs in dark, deep colors to prevent stains. However, if you don’t have pets or children, or you’ll be putting the rug in a room that won’t have much traffic, you can opt for a lighter, brighter rug.

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