A Look at Reception Halls

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Reception halls offer plenty of space to celebrate special events and meetings, and accommodate large groups of people. These event venues are good for baby showers, corporate meetings and most commonly, wedding receptions.

Nationwide, approximately 2.4 million weddings are performed. When making wedding plans, one of the factors involves researching party venues for after the ceremony. A good place to look for reception halls is the internet. In fact, almost half of all engaged couples search online for reception halls.

It takes time to plan the perfect wedding as well as the reception. As for an average timeline, most brides take seven months to one year to plan everything. And, once you get engaged, it’s ideal to book your chosen wedding reception venue at least nine months to one year before the wedding.

Ambiance is also important when looking at wedding ceremony places in addition to reception halls. Most brides and grooms-to-be, approximately 40 percent of couples, seek out wedding halls that reflect their personality. Some couples may opt for traditional romantic wedding places or unique wedding places where they can plan a theme. For example, these can be themes based on their favorite sport, hobby, or even a favorite movie or movie characters.

Time of year also makes a difference when choosing the best venue for the wedding and reception. It all depends on costs as well as preference. Generally, weekday afternoon weddings tend to be less expensive than a weekend wedding held during the evening. According to research, just over 50 percent of weddings happen during the afternoon, while just 31 percent get married in the evening. Morning weddings tend to be less frequent, as around 16 percent get married during that time. As for when to have the big day, June is still one of the most popular months to get married.

Also when researching reception halls, couples should also consider space and decide whether to have everything indoors or outdoors, or a little of both. Additionally, they want to ensure they have enough space to accommodate their guests at their chosen reception hall. As of 2014, couples on average invite more than 100 guests to their wedding. Nowadays, couples can also choose from receptions that are spacious enough to take the party outside, especially since 35 percent of weddings are held outside.

Regardless of theme, time of year, or venue, couples should take their time planning for the wedding and reception so that the day will be meaningful and memorable.

What factors did you consider when selecting the perfect reception hall? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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