Which Pews Does My Church Need?


The earliest known church pews were created in the 13th century and made entirely out of stone. Currently, there are much more comfortable options available for church pews. Certain pews will have cushioned seats while others are simply made only of wood. Here are three types of pews to consider when selecting church furniture.

  1. Used Pews – If your church is looking to save on expenses, consider purchasing used church pews for sale. Just because a church pew is used certainly doesn’t mean that it is in bad condition. In especially large churches, buying used could save a large amount of money. Certain companies can even refinish church furniture, ensuring that used items look like new. Making the decision to buy church pews that are used can certainly save on expenses.
  2. Cushioned Pews – Having pews with included cushions can add a degree of comfort for your guests. Cushioned pews look great and are easy to upkeep. Church furniture that is cushioned can also be used in a part of your church for guests with special seating needs. Not every church uses cushioned pews but it is starting to become more prevalent.
  3. Pews with Kneelers – Certain churches will require special accommodations for their congregation. If your services will need guests to kneel, including kneeler pews is always a good idea. Kneelers are areas, often placed in front of pews, that allows users to properly kneel.

One last important concern is the finish you would like for your church furniture. There are times when a certain type of wood might match better with your color scheme. However, wide varieties of church furniture are widely available. One of the most preferred types of wood used for pews is oak.

In closing, there are various types of church furniture you can make use of. Used pews are a great option for a church on a budget. If you want to add comfort to your seating, you can always add cushions. If your church is one that will have guests kneel, including kneelers is a great touch. Ensuring you have the right pews is an important decision for any church.

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