What Can a Mediator do For You?

In this YouTube video, Resolution Washington looks at what a skilled registered domestic mediator can do for your legal case. Using mediation, working through legal matters is often cheaper and faster than pushing a legal issue to trial.

A mediator helps people come together to talk, listen, and strategize problems they experience together to help find a resolution.

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Mediators in the legal setting are found at Dispute Resolution Centers. Their job is to be fair, non-judgemental, and help facilitate a productive conversation. Mediators help people empower people experiencing conflict to make solutions that work for them.

Mediation happens in an informal setting, is collaborative, and informational. Parties in conflict can meet at a lawyer’s office or a Dispute Resolution Center. A person can walk out of a mediation session with two new things: a solution to their problem and a new skill to help them solve problems in the future.

Mediators can help in several types of conflict, including family law matters, worker compensation issues, union negotiations, customer-vendor disputes, business partner disputes, and more. The skills applied by a registered mediator are applied equally to both parties with compassion and care.

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