Your Interior Design Can Affect Your Health How To Improve Your Mood Every Time You Come Home

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Your surroundings have a noticeable impact on your health. All you have to consult is your mood every time you return home.

If you feel frustrated upon entering a room or less-than-enthused when you retire to the living room for a night to relax…it’s more than possible your interior design needs to be brushed up. This is a common story in the United States, particularly among older homeowners who have had more on their mind than the state of their interior decorating. The design process doesn’t have to be a chore, however. It can actually be a wonderful way to get in touch with what makes you you.

What are ways you can enhance your living space and feel like you’re truly home again?

The State Of The Interior Design Industry

What’s the interior design industry looking like these days? Not so bad for those eager to get the hang of their decor again. Whether you want to transform your home style or request a consultation on bathroom additions, today’s home design fields have you covered. Every year the interior design industry rakes in $10 billion in revenue, ranging from consultation to entirely new home improvement spreads. Specialized interior design industries are expected to rise at a rather high rate of 20% over the next decade or so, to boot.

America’s Aging Population And The Desire To Age In Place

A common feature requested by Americans today is a home that’s functional and accessible to older adults. A recent study found an impressive 35% of all remodeling jobs over the past few years involved the entire home. When it comes to more specific requests? It’s estimated half of all households actively plan on aging in place, with many modifying their kitchens, staircases and bathrooms to be safer than befoe.

Beautiful Art And Its Impact On Our Psyche

A home without art is like a life without laughter. Art has a profound impact on our mental and emotional well-being, helping us make sense of our surroundings and impart who we are wherever we go. A simple throw rug or series of small kitchen paintings can do wonders for transforming your space into something spectacular. When hanging art it’s best to keep its center at eye level, which can be anywhere from 50 inches to 60 inches from the floor.

Blending Function With Aesthetic Around The Home

Art is one thing. What about function? As stated above, many homes don’t just want to be beautiful…they also want to be functional for the elderly, children and pets that will come in and out. Millennial homeowners have been found to be just as likely to renovate their homes as any other age groups back in 2014, with the most keen desire also the most familiar. People just want a home that supports them in every aspect of life.

Choosing A Gorgeous Style That Will Last For Decades

Something many interior designers stress to homeowners both new and experienced is a style that can last throughout the decades. This can seem impossible, as styles are always coming and going on a whim! Today’s interior design often creates a blend of classic and modern sensibilities, making sure you can customize your space without having to constantly transform it every three years. Some of the most popular interior design choices today are rustic, classic, modern, trendy and minimalism.

When you feel less comfortable at home than you do elsewhere, it’s time to make a change. Interior design is more than just shuffling things around. It’s centering your life.

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