Why Amish Made Goods Are Best

Amish built barns

When it comes to home goods made in America, the Amish build some of the best around. From Amish sheds to store garden tools to Amish built barns or wooden furniture, you know you’re getting the best quality when you buy Amish made goods.

  • Amish goods are made by hand. The term “hand-made” has come to signal quality craftsmanship, and the word is proudly, and sometimes newly, emblazoned on many goods these days. That Amish built shed you keep garden tools in has always been hand-crafted. Amish goods always have been.
  • Amish goods are of the highest quality. A recent survey of 2,000 buyers found that more than 95% of them expected their furniture to last many years. Those who bought wood in particular, over 92%, said they were planning for wood furniture to last at least 15 years. When you order Amish furniture you wait between 12 and 16 weeks for your order to arrive, and that’s because it takes at least eight weeks just to build. That speed is just what you want: it means your item is being painstakingly hand-crafted to the most exacting standards.
  • What kind of Amish made goods can I buy? Most of the furniture you’ll find made by the Amish is from maple, oak, cherry, walnut, or hickory woods. Some building possibilities include Amish chicken coops, Amish gazebos, or even an Amish pool house. There are Amish shed builders or Amish shed kits you can put together yourself to store garden tools. Most things that Amish make can be custom designed.
  • How long have the Amish been making quality wooden goods? There’s never really been a time when the Amish were not working in wood. Cabinet makers, for instance, usually come from families who have been making cabinets for generations. It was in the 1920s that American folk art was finally considered a “thing,” and historians and dealers in American handcrafts began to notice the quality and beauty of the Amish wood pieces.
  • How long can an Amish made wooden piece or building be expected to last? Most have significant lifespans, both because of the quality that goes into their construction and the long-lasting hardwoods used to make them. Furniture kept indoors and cared for should last a lifetime and beyond. Something like a wooden shed will typically function as a great place to store garden tools for at least 15 to 20 years.

Furniture and buildings should not be disposable. They should last a lifetime and be quality investments that you can hand down to the next generation. For the best in hand-crafted, quality furniture and buildings, Americans need look no further than the amazing and beautiful folk art of the Amish craftsmen.

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